by Rory

Hi Everyone, my name is Rory and I’m a Cocker Spaniel. My owner is Lindsey Harle who works for LD:NorthEast as the Community Outreach Group Lead. 

I’m not sure what exactly but in March 2020 something happened that meant everyone have to stay at home. It was great for me as I got to see my owner more than normal, but she was always on her laptop talking to other people and ignoring me!

One day I’d had enough of being ignored and I jumped up on the chair next to her so I could see who she was always talking to. I shoved my nose in the camera and tried to sniff everyone on the screen. I really loved everyone saying ‘awwww’ to me when I did it!

So it became part of my daily routine, and after my morning walk I would sit at the laptop and say hi to everyone on Zoom. When it was announced by some bloke called Boris that we were allowed to do daily exercise with another person then I finally got to meet people.

I got to meet one lady called Heather who I saw every week. She would come for walks with me and Lindsey, and I got so excited to see her I would jump out of the car and run to her house. When I turned one she even celebrated my birthday and bought me a new toy. I loved going to visit every week and making her happy, and the tummy tickles I got were a real bonus!

Some people weren’t as lucky as us and they had to stay at home for a lot longer to keep themselves safe, so we visited them in their garden instead. Lindsey kept telling me to do this thing called social distancing but I had no idea what she meant, all I wanted was cuddles and kisses! 

When things went back to normal and Lindsey went back to the office I missed all of my new friends. So every once in a while I get to go to work with her and meet up with them. I sleep under her desk until I hear a familiar voice, and then I go running down the stairs as fast as I can to see them.

Recently I was nominated for North Tyneside VODA’s Volunteer of the Year. I didn’t win but come on, I am a dog after all!! I did get a special mention though and I was asked to write a blog about my experience, so I sat down with a pen and …… 

Not really of course! Instead Rory is sat here next to me snoring his head off while I (Lindsey) pretend to think like a dog! Rory absolutely loves coming to visit LD:NorthEast and I love bringing him. Some people really struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic and Rory’s visits really helped to improve their mental health.

Rory might be my dog but he’s definitely become everyone’s favourite at LD:NorthEast.