#MeTime Project

Siblings of children with disabilities and complex needs often experience disadvantage related to their situations. Understandably, parents / carers may need to spend more time with children in their families who have complex needs.

This can be difficult for siblings, especially younger ones, who can become frustrated despite their understanding. Some, depending on family circumstances, by default are also carers, often also taking some responsibility for parental caring. The added time given to the children in need of support can mean siblings don’t get as much time as their peers to take part in everyday activities such as spending time with their friends, having fun with their own peer groups or having quality time with their parents or other family members.

Siblings Support Girls on Swing

Our #MeTime project offers activities and support designed for children who may have a young sibling(s) with complex physical, communication, medical or learning difficulties. We provide lots of exciting activities and trips where they can forget their individual challenges and just enjoy being a child. It’s a great opportunity for them to have some fun, spend time with friends and enjoy some much needed me time!

We meet up with the children on a regular basis to plan activities and day trips for the next school holidays and also to introduce anyone new to the project. Some of our most recent activities included a stadium tour at St James’ Park, a day out at the beach, a day orienteering in Jesmond Dene and a trip to a trampoline park.

Siblings Support Group at St James' Park

For further information please contact our Children & Families Lead Leanne on 0191 2622261 or at leanne.johnson-read@ldne.org.uk