Fundraising Resources

Below are the materials you may need to start fundraising!

About us!

There is a brief description of the different sectors we offer at LD:NorthEast!

It talks about Community Outreach, Children & Families, Better Health, Healthy Connections, Hate Crime and Later Years.

Sponsorship Form!

This is a template for our sponsorship form when fundraising for our organisation.

Admission Tickets!

If you host an event such as a bake off or a disco night, there is a template for admission tickets to use to give entry into an event.

Where your money goes!

This shows where the money you raise can be going and how it can be helping.

Collection Tin!

See the template for a collection tin to collect any change you will get during the fundraiser.

The collection tin has information at LD:NorthEast and what we offer and aim to achieve.


Please use this bunting to put along finish lines, hang up in function rooms or to decorate stall tables.