North Tyneside CCG Health & Wellbeing Project

Our Health and Well-being project aims to drive down health inequalities and improve access to health services for people who have a learning disability. The project provides light-touch support to help people look after their physical and mental health and wellbeing. 

We are delighted that we have now secured further funding from North Tyneside CCG to continue our work. There are five main areas to our project, which now includes a brand new education programme:

Diabetes Education Programme

From September 2021 we will be running a structured education programme for people who have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. The programme will take place over seven weeks and will help to improve people’s understanding of how to manage their diabetes.

The workshops will be delivered by our Diabetes Educator Frances. If you would like to know more about the programme please contact Frances on 07984 096008 or at [email protected] 

Educational Workshops and Activities

We organise and deliver interactive workshops on a range of different health related topics. They are designed to promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and also to help people look after their own health by improving their understanding of various health conditions. These are organised by our Health Team and also involve support from various local health professionals. 

Support and Signposting

We offer light-touch support if someone has a particular health or wellbeing need; helping them to understand signs and symptoms and offering additional support to reduce fears and anxieties. This might include attending a medical appointment, registering with a dentist, having an operation or anything else impacting on someone’s health and wellbeing. 

We also support people to take up their right to an Annual Health Check, and support everyone involved to be well prepared and fully informed.

Easy Read Resources

We offer a full range of Easy Read resources to accompany our workshops and programmes, as well as information to support people when require e.g. hospital passports or information about a procedure. Our resources are produced in line with UK guidelines, with advice and support from local health professionals and our Easy Read sub-committee. 

We can advise and signpost professionals and people with lived experience of learning disabilities about suitable and accessible health literature, and we can provide bespoke in-house support and advice. 

We have recently worked in partnership with Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust to produce a range of Easy Read Health Cards that explain what may happen during a medical or health related appointment. Click HERE to view and download the cards. 

Support with Key Public Health Messages

We support North Tyneside CCG and Public Health England to raise awareness of key public health messages with the people we support. 

We organise interative workshops to improve understanding and reduce anxieties relating to particular topics such as COVID vaccinations, cancer screening appointments or flu vaccinations. We also produce bespoke Easy Read resources to accompany any of our workshops. 

For further information about our Health & Wellbeing Project please contact our Projects Manager Julie on 0191 2622261 or at [email protected]